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find the carriers

who will best

support your

transport strategy

With ChainCargo you can ship everything from single pallets to Full Truck Loads.

how does the chain cargo system work?

Our system will connect your shipment with the best carrier available for your requested service. We use current capacity, this way, we continue working towards sustainable logistics, and we offer you lower rates.

No matter the size or complexity of your freight, our broad network of carriers guarantees the right transportation at any time and ensures Europe-wide connections and availability.

we offer these types of vehicles

Access to the capacity you need.

Delivery car

Delivery van – 1-5 pallets

Boxtruck – 1-8 pallets

Trailer (Curtain truck / Hardtop truck) – 19-33 pallets

CHAIN CARGO | Maximal Efficiency From Existing Transport Movements