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We are currently looking for:


We are looking for you because

  • You want to graduate with a combination of/specialization in, social media marketing, online advertising, content creation, SEO, analytics, email marketing.

  • You want to become better at online marketing.

  • You are almost at the end of your studies and would like to link the theory with practice at a start-up (we listens and gives you plenty of space).

  • You want to learn from us, but we can also learn from you.


  • You are expected to devote yourself to the position of ChainCargo with eagerness and to show your commitment, your creativity, and your voice. Challenge us, come up with your ideas!


We have the perfect match because 

  • You are in the last year of your HBO study, preferably media & marketing, commercial economics.

  • You can work at least 50% of your time in addition to your graduation assignment

  • You live in the Eindhoven region, or you are moving here.

  • You are very good at table tennis

  • Do not have to go to school on Friday afternoon, but be present at our Friday afternoon 😉


You are excited about us because

With us, you will experience up close how a startup develops and how we, with a fantastic team of logistics strategists, managers, software developers and sales specialists, design, sell, expand, and develop it with a very clear vision.


Oh yeah, an intern compensation, we'll figure that out. We also understand that you want to do fun things in your spare time.



Call (06-30041374) or mail your CV and short motivation to Coen van Boxtel. A message via LinkedIn, WhatsApp is of course also possible 😊


Acquisition based on this vacancy is not appreciated.

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