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My journey at ChainCargo: Ben Scrivener - Product owner

Hi, my name is Ben and I am ChainCargo’s Product Owner. I have been working at ChainCargo for 4 years. This is my story 👇

How did I end up in logistics? 🚚

Like most people, I ended up in logistics rather than it being a deliberate choice. A young Ben ended up getting a job in customer service at major 3PL Maersk Logistics, then called Damco. I found a lot of elements interesting: it’s really a huge world that is behind the scenes of everything. The scale of effort is pretty impressive.

Exploring the path of logistics 🛤️

My logistics experience comes from my time at Maersk Logistics. I worked at various points overseeing ocean, air, trucking, barge and warehousing of some major brands in the UK and Europe. I started in customer service, essentially coordinating and monitoring day to day operations, before becoming a business analyst with a primary focus on development of an inhouse TMS and WMS to improve operational productivity.

Why ChainCargo? 🔗

The thing that makes ChainCargo is it’s real commitment to do more and do better. Anything is possible and any problem can be solved sooner or later. Everyone in every position is driven to do more and not rest. Our expectations on ourselves is really high.

My last BIG achievement ⭐️🇺🇸

The last big event was our go live in the USA. We needed to research a lot about the market, the variations that exist, and develop a bunch of features to accommodate local differences. Seemingly things like date formats and units of measure need to be built properly in a way that is scalable and in line with the long term vision.

My favourite thing about ChainCargo 💚

ChainCargo as a place to work is special because of the people. In my time here we have grown from a small team of driven, diverse, open-minded people, to a large team of driven, diverse, open-minded people. Our international mix is wonderful and everyone is valued as a person more than simply being a colleague or employee.

My guilty pleasure 🤫

I really love Pickled Onion Monster Munch. They are crisps that are only made in the UK so, now that I live in The Netherlands, it’s what I ask for as a present for my birthday from my sister.

Time tested tips: listen more, panic less 👂🧘

I was interviewed for a different blog post around 2 years ago. I think what I said back then is still really relevant: don’t panic and listen twice as much as you speak.

Do you also want to be part of a team of motivated, diverse and open-minded people? Check out our open vacancies! 👉

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