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Interview with Patricia Hernández Cóccaro, Head of Human Resources at ChainCargo

You may have noticed multiple job offers at ChainCargo, and might be wondering who onboards newbies and takes care of such a fast-growing team!

That's Patricia - our superwoman and the Head of Human Resources.

In this interview, Patricia shares the expansion plan for the ChainCargo team, the onboarding process and how she finds the best talents for the company.

Happy reading!

Eindhoven is a tough market. We are competing with giant companies like ASML, Philips, etc. How do you "beat their asses" and land the best talents? (I say best because look how cool we are 😄)

Indeed, we are in a very tough market and it is very difficult to compete with such giants. What do we do about it? Exactly what we always do at ChainCargo, we embrace the challenge. So, we recognise the differences we have with other companies and focus on highlighting what makes us unique: our company culture.

Besides, maintaining open and clear communication throughout the whole process, as well as showing the candidates that we respect them and value the time that they invest in our company is very important to us.

We do our best to make the whole recruitment process as smooth and pleasant as possible (why should it be uncomfortable and nerve-wracking?), and always keep in mind that it is not just about the candidates being a fit in our company, but we also need to be a fit for them too.

Therefore, we do our best to show candidates how it is to be part of ChainCargo and try to get them as excited about working here as we all are.

Job interviews online: did it make your life easier or more difficult?

In general, I think that they make everyone’s life easier.

They are easier to schedule and save time for both the interviewer and the candidates, they are more convenient, very useful to evaluate people’s communications skills and, mostly, they take a lot of pressure from the process because candidates are interviewed in the comfort of their homes and this can make the experience less stressful.

Of course, they may also have their difficulties, like problems with the internet connection or poor image/sound quality, or unexpected situations, like people coming in the room, pets appearing on screen or outdoor noises. This can also stress the candidate, but the key is to take it naturally and try not to make a big deal out of it.

And even though having at least one in-person interview is very important to us, online interviews are definitely here to stay after Corona.

What are the further expansion plans for ChainCargo? How many people can we expect to be in the company by the end of 2021?

2021 is a quite challenging (and exciting!) year in terms of recruitment. So far, 7 new employees have joined ChainCargo in the first quarter of the year, and we have hired 2 more, who will be joining our Budapest team in May.

Currently, we are looking for an Inside Sales Representative and a Customer Success Representative for our Eindhoven office, and in the coming days, we will be posting 2 new vacancies for our Development Department, in search of a Software Tester and a Front-end Software Engineer.

And this is just the beginning! We have a quite ambitious recruitment plan, and by the end of the year, we expect to have even more new colleagues joining our Development, Engineering, Sales and Operations teams.

How do you onboard new employees?

For every new employee that joins ChainCargo we prepare an onboarding plan, which includes general activities to learn more about the company, what we do and how we do it, and also to be introduced to what is done in each department and to our culture, to meet everyone in the team and to set up.

Besides, we work together with the Head of every Department to arrange more specific activities or presentations for each role and team. So, every new hire gets their personal onboarding plan before their first day, so they can already know what to expect in their first weeks.

Our objective: we want each new colleague to feel valued since day 1, settle easily in the company and learn all they need about ChainCargo and their role.

You look for new talents, take care of the current employees, make sure we are all happy, do our jobs and behave. Are you a superwoman? 😊

My job can be exigent, but I do love a good challenge. Besides, we have a great team, and everyone makes my job easier and more enjoyable, so that definitely helps and motivates me a lot.

But unfortunately, no superpowers (or is it? 😉)

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