Interview with Mart van Hoof, Head of Carrier Management & Operations at ChainCargo

We have (virtually) interviewed Mart, our Head of Carrier Management & Operations, who joined ChainCargo a bit over a year ago.

Mart has extensive experience within the logistics and transport industry, he works between Eindhoven and Budapest and can arrange dedicated transport at the speed of light!

In this interview, you can read about the changes Mart noticed within the logistics in the past 30 years, cultural differences between Eastern and Western Europe and (of course) Mart’s experience working at ChainCargo.

Happy reading!

You have over 30 years of experience in logistics, what changes have you noticed that had a significant impact on the industry?

According to me, the largest change in the logistics world was caused by the customers' behaviour change. Using advanced technologies, customers can obtain products from all over the world in a fast way. That's why the supply chain, especially within consumer goods, has totally changed.

Inventory levels have been pushed closer to the end customers to serve them faster. You see new distribution Centers and HUB locations everywhere. Between these locations, all kinds of modes of transport do their utmost best to keep the correct inventory levels up to date. Planes are not flying faster, trains and trucks are not driving faster, and vessels sail even slower than 30 years ago... If that is the case, the number of movements needed to increase drastically.

And what is the most exciting/strange shipment you had to work with?

The chartered plane, which was filled with small chickens between Budapest and Riyadh. Can you imagine the noise and smell?

You work between Eindhoven and Budapest, is it difficult to manage a team that is over 1000 km away?

No, with the current communication tools and great colleagues, that is no problem at all.

Which city do you prefer?

Budapest, without any doubt! Cannot wait till we move back to Hungary.

What are the biggest cultural differences between Eastern and Western Europe? (Logistics-wise)

Logistics wise the countries in Western Europe are much more throughput than the countries in Eastern Europe. If you think about all the large airports and harbours, you think about Western European countries. In the past, there was a lot of production going on in Eastern Europe, but it's much less nowadays.

You joined ChainCargo a year ago, tell us about your experience working at a start-up?

Honestly? I had to get used to it as it is, completely different from what I was doing in the previous 30 years. I love the enthusiastic way of looking to the future as many of my colleagues do, but sometimes it also makes me nervous as the Logistics World changes slow and cannot be changed in a few months. Let's go step by step.

Logistics never sleep (what a cliché), how do you manage to do everything in time? Are you available 24/7?

The older you get, the better you become in this. In the beginning, you want to keep everything under control, but after a while, you notice that that is impossible and need to delegate more. I am trying to do that... But I am still 24/7 available... 😊

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