Interview with Demi Traarbach, Sales Representative at ChainCargo

We have recently shared outstanding results of ChainCargo performance and while it is an accomplishment of every single member of the company, the Sales team is one of the driving forces behind ChainCargo growth.

That’s why this month we stopped by the Sales department and had a quick chat with Demi, our Sales Representative who’s been landing clients since October 2020!

In this short interview, Demi reveals what ChainCargo customers like the most and shares her proudest moment so far! Enjoy the interview. 😊

You worked in the gaming industry before coming to ChainCargo. What are the main differences between the people in the logistics and Igaming industry? Correct, I worked in the Igaming industry for a couple of years, and I think the biggest difference between these two industries is that the sales cycle is much shorter in Igaming. The Igaming industry works faster on closing deals, so people move around more quickly. However, in the logistics industry, the process takes longer before agreeing on a certain deal.

Let’s talk about competition. Several companies in Europe provide a similar service to ours. How do you manage to win clients over the competitors?

First of all, I think it’s important to understand your competition. It is essential to begin by examining the market. I discovered that having intimate conversations with clients lead to conversions. Getting to know their way of working, listening to their problems and needs is how I manage to win clients and have a long term partnership.

What is the one thing our customers like the most? The fact that we think along with the client and are able to adapt regardless of the request. Even when they have a special request, we are usually able to provide a solution. Besides, I love to take on a good challenge, it gives me the adrenaline rush I need now and then. 😄

What has been one of your proudest moments at ChainCargo so far? There were loads of proud moments, of course (hihi) 😉. But if I have to highlight just one, it’s definitely the first time I approached a prospect ( which I thought was just a smaller company but turned out to be quite a big company). With a lot of confidence, I called the logistics manager thinking it would be an 'easy catch'. But after talking with him for 5 minutes, he took over the whole conversation and started to shoot hard questions that I didn’t know answers to. At that moment, I panicked a little and decided to drop the 'sales attitude', and told him honestly that I just started working in the logistics industry. He respected me for being honest and planned a follow-up meeting. This company turns out to be one of our great clients now.

So right there, I learned that being yourself and being honest can make a big difference even in sales! This was one of my funniest and also proudest moments at ChainCargo.

And finally, are you ready to conquer the logistics world? 😉 I am definitely ready to conquer the logistics world! Because I believe that at ChainCargo, we will have a transformative impact on sustainability in the logistics industry!

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