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Interview with Anna Szélinger, Customer Success Representative at ChainCargo

Anna, Customer Success Representative at ChainCargo

This month we (virtually) visited our Budapest team and dived into the world of Operations.

We had a quick chat with Anna, our Customer Success Representative who joined ChainCargo back in March and has been supporting our partners' operations since then!

In this short interview, Anna talked about her musical background, shared how she joined the logistics world and how the ChainCargo operations team maintains an almost 100% delivery success rate. Enjoy!

First things first! Tell us a little bit about yourself, what do you do outside of work?

Well, I arrived here from a completely different field, sometimes I call myself a DIY singer-songwriter. I sing in a hip-hop band here in Hungary, and I also have different projects, including writing my solo songs (under the name CéAnne), and I recently started to teach ukulele.

Can you write a song about ChainCargo? 😀

Sure, why not? It could be our call waiting tune, haha. 😄

How does it feel to work for a Dutch start-up in Hungary? Do you keep close contact with the Eindhoven team?

I appreciate the opportunity to work with both Budapest and the Eindhoven team. We have to work together closely as we lean on each other’s experiences, we use the same platform, etc. Also, our direct leader is Mart with whom we keep daily contact, but we often communicate with different parts of the team as operations, sales, engineering. We can’t wait to finally meet everyone in person!

When and how did you join the transport world?

One minute ago. 😄 I gained customer service experience in the previous roles and I always use my communication skills. I worked in theatres, I am used to communicating with different people.

However, I wanted to find a field that suits me, my experience, and I can add to it. I believe ChainCargo and me can grow together. It is very exciting to be a part of something that can rise high and also helps the industry to be the best version of itself.

The delivery success rate at ChainCargo is almost 100%. How do you keep the entire transportation process smooth?

Communication is key to a smooth transportation process. Starting with double-checking everything and not being afraid to ask even if I lost track. We make sure that the shipper and carrier's needs would match, and we always try to adapt regardless of the request.

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