Think of the effortless ease when you book a hotel room or an online order. Now is the time for the transport industry to enter the platform market. With the same ease you book a carrier service via ChainCargo.


Sustainable benefits for the sender, carrier and community! Curious to find out how?


sustainable TRANSPORT

Sustainability is a very important topic within all businesses worldwide. At ChainCargo, sustainability is a core value! Once you submit the order, the platform connects with the carrier who is available, who is in the neighbourhood and needs to go into the drop off location. That's what we call 'optimisation', so there are no unnecessary kilometres driven. It doesn't matter who does the job, as long as it is the most sustainable way.​

  • Reduce empty kilometres and CO2 emissions by shipping with existing transport movements.

  • Make your supply chain sustainable and reach your corporate responsibility goals.

  • We ensure that our platform chooses the most sustainable transport for your shipment.



It might sound contradictive, sustainable and instant capacity. It is reality, because we know that there is always a carrier on his way, with available capacity.

Wouldn’t it be great if we knew exactly which carrier was where and with what available capacity? We believe that there is always a carrier in your neighbourhood, driving towards your shipments' destination. We would only need to know who exactly it is. That's where ChainCargo comes in. With +500 carriers we offer instant capacity in existing transport movements.

  • Our national network of qualified and reliable carriers is always growing and is available for you every day.

  • Only a few clicks and you can expect transportation within your chosen timeline. 

  • Instant price quotes and booking allow you to avoid time-consuming phone calls and emails.



You decide if your freight needs to be delivered instantly, by the end of the day or at a specific time the next day. In the end, it all comes down to the right vehicle at the right time. Submit your order and see an instant price.

The loading calculator selects the car based on your cargo. After your confirmation, you will be updated via notifications and you will have access to the live track & trace, so you can follow your shipment anytime and anywhere. We will support your operations through our customer service.

  • Confirm the price and access a real-time ETA of collection and delivery, before the journey has even begun.

  • Upfront pricing and complete visibility provide you with enough information to make the right business decisions fast and effectively.

  • We strive to make everything clear and organised via the platform but for sure we provide responsive support via phone, email and online chat to address any questions or problems from registration to final steps.


ChainCargo platform tarieven

A platform is a synonym for flexibility. You request your transport capacity when you need it.

  • Instant rates and no monthly fee.

  • The platform gives you an instant rate for the shipment. You know exactly what to do. 

Based on the cargo and address details, the systems selects the correct vehicle and shows the rates instantly. Because of this automatic selection you have direct insights and no surprises. 



ChainCargo provides smart and sustainable transportation of carriers cargo. Simple and easy. Book sustainable transport within a few clicks without any monthly subscription fees, or implementation costs. The platform links your shipment to an available carrier in the area, based on sustainable business rules.

  • Leave calling and emailing in the past, you can book sustainable transport the same way you book a hotel. 

  • Easily arrange carrier that you can expect to pick up your cargo within the timeline you have chosen. Or plan daily/weekly/monthly shipments.

  • Create a personal dashboard, find and extract important information, so you can analyse and optimise your processes.

  • No registration or monthly fees. You only pay for ther service each time.  



CHAIN CARGO | Maximal Efficiency From Existing Transport Movements

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