Chain Cargo
Inventors of smart logistics!

Thinking of new logistics processes and bringing them to life in order to transport normal and urgent shipments sustainably, isn’t a one man job. The trick is to do it with motivated craftsmen who know all facets of logistics thoroughly. You work with IT specialists who know how to write software and build Apps. You work with experts of the market and industrial engineers who know how to successfully grow a start-up into a unique company. 

You work as a team!


Giovanni Gubbels


Mart van Hoof

Head of Carrier Management & Operations

Jasper Jansen

Carrier Management

Demi Traarbach

Sales Representative

Viktorija Tarakaviciute

Online Marketing

Jelle Bruisten

Software Developer

Jeroen Kemp


Ben Scrivener

Head of Engineering

Csaba Orbán

Carrier Management

Michael den Heijer

Sales Representative

Hans Kemp

Design & Communication

Marinda Boshoff

IT Support

Coen van Boxtel

Head of Sales & Marketing

Armand Codina Rius

Logistics Engineer

Mikolaj Bauc

Quality Assurance Engineer

Patricia Hernandez Coccaro

Head of Human Resources

Frank Thijssen

UI / UX Designer

Maikel Eerens

Software Developer

CHAIN CARGO | Maximal Efficiency From Existing Transport Movements


Fellenoord 51,
5612 AA, Eindhoven, 

The Netherlands

Operations: +31 (0) 85 88 88 770
Sales: +31 (0) 85 88 88 860

General:  +31 (0) 85 00 13 700

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