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With ChainCargo you can ship everything from single pallets to Full Truck Loads.

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why Chain cargo?

We started ChainCargo from a strong belief that logistics can be much more efficient and therefore more sustainable. We believe that we can transport more volume with the current capacity of vehicles.

Whether it concerns a small pallet or a Full Truck Load, we provide the right transport!

Simply by making smarter use of available capacity from existing transport movements.

these are our TRANSPORT means

Access to the capacity you need.

Delivery car

Delivery van – 1-5 pallets

Boxtruck – 1-8 pallets

Trailer (Courtain truck / Hardtop truck – 19-33 pallets


Now is the time for the transport industry to enter the platform market. With the same ease you order a pizza you can now book carrier service via the ChainCargo booking platform.

This results in sustainable benefits for the sender, carrier and of course the whole community! Curious to find out how we do that?



Sustainability is our motivation!


Instead of sending a carrier for pick-up and deliver, and drive back empty, we will find one nearby, which already had to go in the direction of your shipment.


That is what we do, make use of existing transport movements.

We can’t use what we can’t see. 

Imagine; what if we knew when and where carriers are available… 

We believe that there is always a carrier in your neighbourhood, driving towards your shipments' destination.



What does the platform look like?

Chain Cargo app
Chain Cargo app


How would you feel if you knew shipment costs up front and have direct access to a live track & trace?

Yes! In control. And that’s exactly what we want you to achieve with ChainCargo.

You decide if your package needs to be delivered instantly, by the end of the day or at a specific time the next day. In the end, it all comes down to the right vehicle at the right time.


Submit your order and see an instant price. The loading calculator selects the car based on your cargo.

ChainCargo loading calculator


A platform is a synonym for flexibility. You request your transport capacity when you need it.

  • Instant rates and no monthly fee.

  • The platform gives you an instant rate for the shipment.

You know exactly what to do. 


Did you know that on average transport planner spends 40 minutes to arrange a dedicated transport?


With ChainCargo platform, you can fast and easily book, manage, and analyse your data. All within your personal account!

Experiences from our customers


We choose ChainCargo because of its ease of use, transparency and a wide range of reliable couriers. With a click, we can expect a driver within the hour, through highly efficient partnerships. Passion for innovation and sustainable customization makes ChainCargo a unique extension of total solutions.


Become chain cargo carrier

Do you want to drive for ChainCargo in addition to your own work? Team up with our rapidly growing network! We provide you with the best available loads directly from shippers. After you’ve filled in your details and you’ve downloaded the app, you’re ready to go!


More info? Look here for more info about transport or call us!

CHAIN CARGO | Maximal Efficiency From Existing Transport Movements

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